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Course and workshop information


Tuesday 14th may up to and including Saturday 18 May 2013 5-day Workshop
=> This will include a metal work workshop given by Bob Wood for the first time. This will offer possibilities to combine with the workshop Greemwoodwork

Ages: 15 and up

Times and Prices:
5-day Workshop €425,-
Includes a simple lunch and materials (excludes seating, braiding works or massive wood).
Times from 9:30 - 16:30.

This workshop will be held outside in a forest. You'll learn to create a chair or seat or stool using 'green' (freshly cut) wood on a mechanic turning lathe.You'll also learn to bend wood using steam. This workshop requires at least 5 attendees.

Want to see what to expect? This youtube movie will show you an impression.

  • Pre-treatment of the green wood.
  • Turning with a mechanical lathe (non-electric)
  • Making a gouged seat.
  • Bending wood using steam.

There are possibilities regarding a continuation in which you'll learn to make this lathe yourself

For information or enrollment, fill in this form!

Course availability:

Title WorkshopDatesTimesDurationPriceAvailability
Summercamp OerkrachtMon 8 August - Sat 13 August 201609:30 - 16:306 day(s)550,0038 Person(s)
OPEN DAYFri 6 May - Fri 6 May 201613:00 - 20:001 day(s)Vrij
Green Woodwork and BasketryFri 20 May - Sun 22 May 201609:30 - 16:303 day(s)300,009 Person(s)
Soon new programme 2016Sun 10 April - Fri 25 November 201609:30 - 16:30230 day(s)

Camping arrangement

Green woodwork is a rare craft. This workshop is one of a kind and will pull national attention. If you'd want to stay during the nights, please contact me. There are several camping places or trekkers huts nearby.

Course Woodwork

Every wednesday from 19.00-21.30
Every thursday morning from 10.00-12.30
A maximum of 6 persons can attend this course. There will be no courses during the holidays
Ages: 15 and up.

During this course you'll learn many techniques and disciplines, some of which are::

  • Making a simple furniture object or other object.
  • (Aspects like design, measuring, making connections, learning to sharpen your tools etc.
    will be taught here
  • Making a wood sculpture(Spatial awareness, cutting techniques, finishing, sharpening chisels / gouges)
  • Restoring an antique item. (Step by step guidance. You'll learn to restore your home brought piece of furniture or you'll be making a new item in which you'll learn the same techniques)

Fees: Apply to all courses and exclude materials.

Choices of courses and discounts:
(Free introductory lessons for new attenders)

5 lessons (+ one free introductory lesson)     
€ 110,00  not entitled to a compensation lesson

10 lessons (+ one free introductory lesson)      
€ 195,00  you're entitled to one compensation lesson

15 lessons (+ one free introductory lesson)    
€ 250,00  you're entitled to two compensation lessons

Compensation lessons: If you put off in time, no fees will be charged for a lesson.